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Corporate Partnerships

We understand the pressure of working long hours in high-pressure roles; we truly believe that a community of wellness is the answer to the majority of our worries and an easy way to focus on self-care. Balanced and Brave classes allow people to step away from stress and focus on their body and mind. A company who invests in wellness creates benefits for their employees and the corporation. In general, studies have proven that corporate wellness programs provide a dollar-for-dollar positive return on investment. We also offer flexible pricing and employee-employer cost sharing options. There are several ways to increase employee engagement and wellness and show your team how much you care about their balance. 

Yoga Studio

On-site Yoga Classes. Offer on-site professional yoga classes at your workplace, corporate retreat, or conference; your employees will thank you. Achieve happy, stress-free employees who know that their company cares about them. With this low-cost, high-reward employee benefit, your employees will rave about your investment in their well-being.

Celebrating New Year

Corporate Membership. Companies can pay 50% of the membership fee for all employees, increasing the probability that employees will take the time they need to focus on their balance and self-care. Monthly memberships at Balanced and Brave are $100/person so companies who pay for the entire year will only spend $600 per employee. Eligible employees can get a company code from your talent management and employee retention team.

Yoga in Nature

C-Suite Wellness Coaching. If your executive team is stressed, overworked, and unbalanced, we can design a wellness coaching series to help them dedicate time to wellness, learn destressing techniques, practice shutting down their brain, and find inner peace. Contact us for an initial consult and to get a customized, wellness program designed for your team.

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